Commercial Photography: Product Photography
With your written briefing we will understand your requirements. The rest are costs, doing, service and delivery. For us: Daily business since 1992. (Minimum Budget: 250,00 Euro) We photograph Products in our Studio or any client locations with professional mobile studio equipment.
Media Conceptions Media PR-Content Campaigns + Handouts Formal Communication Statements Documentations + Reports Story-Telling Idea Copy/Conception Photography Layout
Standards Product Photo (black/white/grey or color background. 1500 Pixel technical set up: once 50,00 Euro per product group 15,00 Euro per Photo basic rate
Products with shining surface. 15,00 Euro basic rate plus 7,50 Euro per Photo. 22,50 Euro per Photo
Product -Sets 1 Product with 5 different perspectives With proposal after briefing
Product Still-Life Start Prize Setup: 95,00 Euro Start Prize Photo: basic rate plus 10,00 Euro 25,00 Euro per Photo
Standard Process: 1. Meeting 2. Briefing 3. Briefing and Cost Confirmation 4. Studio Set up 5. Test Shoot and Presentation 6. Result Confirmation/Client 7. Production 8. Delivery Our clients will have a daily written studio report per Mail.
Standard Shot
Extra Fee for Package Edition Print
Campaign Artwork. Retail/POS. Product Photography. PR Portraits.
O u t t a k e s
Let‘s make it special.
Art Design Version for Handout Big Print Poster
Project Development