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The PR-Magazine is a strategic media development by Christian von der Eltz, CEA Hong Kong, © 2015... 2020… Copyright: Idea, conception, domain- and brand rights incl. key logos, sub logos and sub brands; copy/text, layout, graphics, photography, editorial content (articles and photos), production…service descriptions © world wide without any third party titles. Any copy, printing or publishing under a foreign name or brand is strictly forbidden. (Media law/copyright law)
For a limited number of clients we are PR- Back Office and with it PR Consulting. On the other hand we are front end with an own unique PR Magazine we operate, connected with all Social Media Channels we serve with informations and media content. The Magazine includes a BtB-part for know how exchange with articles and show cases and a client area with professional PR-services (back end/front end) In the front end the Magazine represent our clients with interesting brand- and people stories, photo documentations and helpful informations for business development, potential contacts and the public at the same time.
Media Application
For a lot of good reason the PR-Magazine is a pure smartphone application. We use the social media surrounding (instagram, facebook, linked …) for teasing articles and photos, advertising and winning clients.
Status Quo 2015/2020
The strategic conceptual development has finished in 2020. The first test phase edition is online and available on every smartphon since 01. of Septemer 2020 with daily updates, new content and improvements. The first publications are running in facebook, instagram, linkedin an wechat/China.
PR Back Office for Clients means to have available tools: PR Expertise  Strategic Consultants with       recommended actions  PR Creation  PR Photography  Image Database Production  Image Database Management  Media Production  A public „voice“… means  media presence.
Editorial key- Concept 2020
PR Risk Management PR Crisis Management
2021: Germany
Front end
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Market presence without PR media presence is excluded. You need a „voice“…