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The PR-Magazine is a strategic media development by Christian von der Eltz, CEA Hong Kong, © 2015... 2020… Copyright: Idea, conception, domain- and brand rights incl. key logos, sub logos and sub brands; copy/text, layout, graphics, photography, editorial content (articles and photos), production…service descriptions © world wide without any third party titles. Any copy, printing or publishing under a foreign name or brand is strictly forbidden. (Media law/copyright law)
For a limited number of clients we are PR-back office and with it PR Consulting. Here we give answers. On the other hand our PR-Magazine is front end to the public and connected with all important Social Media Channels. Our job is to create strategies and PR Media Content, we also distribute. Our recommendations and our work is important for those clients which want to go controlled steps for building reputation and a higher awareness level. Learn more: BtB.PR-Magazine.com PR-Magazine.com  
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For a lot of good reason the PR-Magazine is a pure smartphone application. We use the social media surrounding (instagram, facebook, linked …) for teasing articles and photos, for content distribution and winning follower for our clients..
PR Back Office for Clients means to have available tools: PR Expertise  Strategic Consultants with       recommended actions  PR Creation  PR Photography  Image Database Production  Image Database Management  Media Production
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PR Risk Management PR Crisis Management
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