Commercial Photography: PR Portraits
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Faceless companies and brands, faceless business and people are the opposite from trustworthiness. Against it any kind of communication is the key and entry for all and everything. With showing face and the right statements leading people create in which way ever…standing and authenticity. It is the beginning from pro- fessional PR-work. But portrait photography is a comprehensive scheme. It is a visual statement. We offer to explain what does that mean.                  Mail us.
Our clients are representatives with high responsibility for companies, brands, people and decisions. Presidents, CEO‘s, leading manager, government staff… But also nameable artists from the jazz musician scene, painter, designer, writer.
If you have interest for this theme, there is a personal meet required. Take a hour for a lunch, a dinner or a coffee. It is already the beginning to work on it…
Christian von der Eltz, CEO, Chief Consultant, Creative Director, Photographer ChristianvonderEltz.com
Self Portrait, Studio Duesseldorf