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        „We can imagine nearly everything.                 So long  it is logical, explainable,                           understandable and true..“              
„We follow the idea from a authentic language and aesthetics in photography. Our acts base on verifiable facts, social competence, emotional intelligence and empathy.              Fair play.   No space for hate, racism, injustice or unfair practices.“
         Z E R O.
Christian von der Eltz, CEO
V a l u e s
Creative Consulting
We work for verified informations and  clearing-up. The result is c r e d i b i l i t y  in public media and with it a stable image.
Since 1992
Der Wahrheit verpflichtet.
 w o r k with expertise.
Everything what has a meaning. Therefore we listen first.
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We give YOU a voice. With all senses.